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  • Provide Daily Meals

    In a normal environment every child attends school and live in a supportive family but in reality many children lack these opportunities.

It was unbearable and a tragic loss, indeed! If it was possible to bring him back, I and many of you would have cried nonstop day and night to keep him alive or even have a chance to say good bye. In fact, we almost did that but that not only was destroying me, my family and our community but disqualifying God’s will and dishonoring Abel.

Abel will never shade away from our heart and mind. We will mourn and miss him for the rest of our lives. His kindness, love and ……….Therefore, instead of crying and regretting the past, I believe we should focus on what makes Abel happy the most; helping others. I believe doing so in some way, brings my son, Abel’s spirit back.
Some of the monetary gift you gave us to help pay for his funeral already has been used to help the neediest elderlies …

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